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Django CMS Development Services

What is Django CMS?

Django CMS is a content management package built using python and Django framework. Django CMS inherits Security, Performance, and Expandable design pattern of the Django Framework.

Django VS Wordpress, what to choose?

We build a website to showcase our products and services. If I own a fashion clothes store and I do not have any visitors at my store, there is no need to build a store. We create websites for generating businesses. But we need the right customers visiting our website, for that websites need to be SEO friendly and high performing websites.

Website development plays a significant role in supporting Technical SEO. If the website's page speed is around one second, it will rank better and have more relevant customers visit the website than your competetiors.

Page Speed is one crucial SEO ranking. Django CMS is a lightweight package and highly optimized. Django applications are quite lazy in nature, which outperforms all CMS available in the market. Django CMS website can load in just one second.

Django CMS is more straightforward and user friendly than Wordpress.

Django CMS is best when it comes to technical SEO. It outperforms in technical points with other popular CMS like WordPress

Django CMS Python programming language is more advanced in comparison to PHP of Wordpress CMS.

Security features in Django CMS like Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection, Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection, SQL injection protection, Clickjacking protection, SSL/HTTPS, and Host header validation are better than Wordpress security.

Django CMS follows the MVT design pattern. It makes the Django CMS website highly expandable web application projects. With Django Framework inbuilt ORM and Jinja2 templating, development time reduces.

Django CMS page load speed is 1 second

Django CMS is simpler and easy to use than worddpress

It is built upon Python Programming language

Django CMS offers better security than Wordpress

Expandable as business web application

GTMetrix ranks Django CMS website 100% on Page Speed Score.

  • Page Speed Score is 100% on GTMetrix.

  • Fully Loaded Time.

  • The number of requests.

  • Caching and Compression.

Django CMS scores 98 in evaluation by Google Page Speed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights evaluates these attributes Performace, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO.

If your website score is 100, it means you are ahead of 98% of websites across the globe. If your score is 50, it means you are ahead of 75% of websites.

Django CMS plays a significant role in removing 98% of website competition by scoring 100. So if your content and competitor's content are similar or same with the same domain authority, chances of coming number one are higher for the Django CMS website, which loads in 1 second.

We provide Django CMS development services to help you rank your client's websites better and get the traffic for their business.

So there are enough reasons to choose Django CMS instead of Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. solutions for CMS.

Just make the right technology choice for your client's website. For sure, you can rely on us for loading your client's CMS website in 1 second.

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