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Simplifying Property Management Procedures

Maulik Patel
April 11, 2024
Last Updated April 18, 2024

Quick Summary:

Westward360 is a property management company that offers various services such as community management, rental management, and brokerage services. They have a wide range of expertise and experience in managing properties across the United States, with a portfolio of over 2000 properties.

Understanding the Client's Challenges

Westward360 encountered challenges with utilizing multiple software platforms and manual processes for their daily tasks, resulting in delays and increased complexity in their operations.

  • Handling Property Info in Diverse Systems: The information regarding their properties is scattered across multiple software systems like Buildium, Propertyware, and Vantaca. This necessitated spreading their daily operations across different platforms to ensure data accuracy
  • Problems with Data Tracking in Spread Sheets: On top of that, they relied on Google Sheets to keep track of property journals, sales, moves, and lease data. This setup made their daily tasks cumbersome and tracking changes in data became a challenge.
  • Troubles with Customer Application Forms: They used Google Forms to collect information about property sales, leases, and move requests from customers. However, they encountered difficulties in managing these applications effectively with Google Forms and in providing timely notifications and updates to customers due to the platform's limitations.
  • Managing Manual Notes for CSRs on Calls: During customer calls, the CSR team uses manual documentation for instructions and reference notes to provide appropriate resolution to the customer.
  • Disorderly Property Inspections: Property inspectors visit properties for regular inspections. Once they completed the inspection, they had to update the Google Sheets with all the necessary information, including pictures of the property.

Utilized our Expertise to Address Business Challenges

In the resolution of these problems, we proposed custom software development that can effectively tackle all the challenges the company was encountering. This software empowers users to execute the following operations seamlessly.

  • Centralized Data Management: Manage property data available across multiple platforms, allowing for daily ingestion of data automatically from these platforms.
  • Dynamic Form Generation: Generate dynamic forms to maintain property journals and inspections, as well as facilitate sales, moves, and lease requests and manage all associated processes.
  • Customer Request Management: Efficiently handle various customer requests and their corresponding procedures, ensuring smooth processing through all required approval stages.
  • System-Generated Notifications: Send notifications to customers, keeping them informed about the status of their applications, using customized communication templates.
  • Intelligent Customer Support: Receive helpful prompts and reference notes from the system during customer calls, offering guidance and suggestions as needed.
  • Record Management on the Go: Design and develop a user-friendly mobile application specifically for property inspectors, facilitating seamless updating of information on the go.


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Leveraging Expertise to Solve the Business Problems

Leveraging our expertise in the Django, Flutter and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we introduced software designed as a one-stop solution to all challenges encountered by Westward360.

  • Unified Property Management: This software enables users to manage all property information from multiple software sources in one centralized location. To achieve this, we've implemented synchronization jobs that can be scheduled daily or weekly using the Google Cloud Scheduler. These tasks extract data from external software systems through seamless API integration.
  • Customizable Form Templates: With this software, users can design dynamic form templates, allowing them to specify form fields and set restrictions as needed. These templates can then be utilized for maintaining diverse types of property journals and inspection data, including the ability to incorporate images.
  • Sales, Lease, and Moves Application Management: We've incorporated a module that efficiently handles all incoming applications from customers for Sales, Lease, and Moves. Users can dynamically define procedures within the system to manage these applications effectively.
  • Automated Communication : This software empowers users to define dynamic templates and trigger points for communication. The system then automatically sends email/SMS notifications to the designated users accordingly.
  • CSR Support System: We have implemented a CSR module in which the system provides suggestions to the CSR team for reference notes and instructions during the call based on the type of customer request and the property concerned. This functionality enables users to maintain a comprehensive record of all customer calls supported by the comment system.
  • Property Inspection Mobile application: We've developed a mobile application designed specifically for property inspectors.This application empowers inspectors to efficiently update data and incorporate images, ensuring seamless record-keeping directly through the mobile platform.

Business Benefits Achieved/Results

Custom Software Revolutionizes Property Management, Enhancing Efficiency, Satisfaction, And Growth.

  • With the implementation of custom software solutions, Westward360 experienced a notable boost in productivity and efficiency. Tasks that were previously time-consuming and labor-intensive, such as manual documentation, became more streamlined and automated.
  • Data tracking became seamless with the introduction of the software. Property information, which had previously been scattered across multiple platforms and spreadsheets, was now centralized within a single, user-friendly interface. This consolidation simplified the workflow and minimized the risk of errors and inconsistencies.
  • The software enhancements resulted in improved customer support capabilities. Automated communication features allowed Westward360 to keep customers informed about the status of their applications and requests in a timely manner, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  • The introduction of a mobile inspection app revolutionized property inspections for Westward360. Inspectors could now efficiently update data and incorporate images directly through the mobile platform, resulting in smoother and more effective inspections.

In conclusion, the new software at Westward360 simplified tasks, organized property data, improved customer communication, and made property inspections more efficient. Overall, it made their work easier and their customers happier.

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