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Street Tour

Tour Information Market

Executive Summary

Street Tour is a project with a purpose to provide information for a tourist to a specific city or locations. If I wish to visit San Francisco I will not be aware of local attractions, cost or expenses so there is a high chance I might overpay for convenience and waste time as well, I could not plan my exact budgets as well without knowledge or information. If I had a small video with exact local locations and attractions which explains how to travel and what are fun facts/activities out there, it will be really helpful for me to plan my travel and enjoy my travel.

Audio + Video tours

Pre hand video and audio guide is the best source of information to understand local attractions on your trip to a city/place.

Travelling todo-lists

With having the right information about your trips and local attractions, you can make a to-do list and have a good plan before visiting your dream places.

Tourism information market

Not only individuals but tourism firms also can create a good source of information for trips to a city/attraction. Selling information and experience can become a good source of income.

Local attractions

Visiting local attractions without wasting time and visiting them in the right order is necessary to avoid unnecessary travel and be present at right attraction at the right time.


On-site overheads

If one wishes to create a tour experience guide or video, needs to spend time and money to visit the place and record video + audio with all physical challenges on streets, local attractions, etc.

Creating tour guide remotely

In order to learn things need to have clear audio and visuals, there was a real need merging audio files with real locations it generates a real-time physical experience with knowledge of local places and attractions.


User-centric design

To create an app that lets users create tours and legs remotely with real locations and not just maps pins, we started by creating workflows to create a remote video guide recording user experience. We quickly then went from whiteboards to prototypes making sure that whatever interface we design makes the end user’s tour easier and enjoyable.

Reallocation visuals

We found Google Street View very interesting solutions to create real location visuals remotely, so we developed Google Maps application with React Framework. This reallocation visual adds value to the audio guide which user can create in a very comfortable environment on their computers.

Tours information market

Users can create tours add legs and publish on the platform, published content can be browsed by other users. This is can be a good platform for tourism companies to sell tours information and offer other services as well. Individuals can also market their information for earning.

Map interface

Google Map application development was done for providing an interface where you can search on maps for your destination which you would like to visit and enjoy the local attractions.

Agile development

Given the huge project scope, we divided the project into sprints that brought in a lot of continuous feedback, while our backend and database design facilitated quick iterations and pivots. Most of the code was reusable and was significantly able to reduce the delivery time.

Remotely real-location visuals
Audio-video guide
Information market
Tour management
Tour and legs search on maps

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