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Pre Open House

Real Estate Property Portal

Executive Summary

The client has been in the real estate industry for more than two decades now. She also worked for real estate broking company. She had the vision to simplify and automate information organization so buying a home can be easy for home buyers and getting quick customers for real estate agent becomes easy.

She had a vision of adding technology help in automating the process for different entities involved in property sales for Home Buyers, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Lenders, and Brokerage Firms. The basic aim was to provide business leads for every individual with information.

Client’s ambitious project Pre Open House is a great technological solution example but at a grass-root level, she always focused on solving human problems

Host open house events

Hosting an open house event can be stress-free if we have the right information of the guest list and it updates in real-time, also agent can gather leads information and feedback in real time via event management web application.

Property listings & amenities rating

Agents can publish properties on the portal, which can be browsed by home buyers. Also, home buyers can favorite and create a notification for specific preferences of properties. Agents can have a record of ratings of properties from past open house events.

Search by preferences

Searching with specific preferences can be possible by applying various filters like bedroom, bathroom, pool, terrace, etc.

Track patient centric services

Home buyers can save a search and as soon as new properties as per their saved criteria are added to the marketplace, home buyers are notified with such new property information.


Absence of proper communication

Absence of proper communication of important information such as contact for a gate code, time changes, or buyers who could not find the house due to fallen down. There was a lack of an online platform to update real-time changes to the buyers.

Searching open houses

Simple tasks like filtering houses with three bedrooms can be a tedious task doing on paper with a list of open house advertisement, also buyers had to deal with annoying sales phone calls after advertising for purchasing a house.

Searching on paper
Annoying sales phone calls
Lack of realtime instant update


Map Search

A Google Map application development was done to provide interactive map search by location, zip codes. A bird's eye view map helps to zoom in and check the location on a map, viewport filtering feature helps as we look at different location on map results get filtered.

Instant Messaging

Direct and easy communication between an agent and home buyer was missing, home buyers needed basic information like gate codes, and booking appointments, etc. Agents and home buyers could share properties they are interested via instant chat.

Event manager

Agents wanted to fill a gap of lack of real-time information update with them and home buyers who are visiting open houses. Event manager screen is a real-time update screen, for example, someone checked in, gave a rating to house, someone canceling the visit to open house, someone asking for an appointment to visit a house, etc. get updated in real time on screen.


Google Map application development was done for providing an interface where you can search on maps for your open house destinations which you would like to visit. Mobile applications were handy to plan a multi-destination route to visit open houses, maintain a history of reviews and feedback or any communication on details or pricing.

Saved search notifications

When home buyers wanted to buy a specific house with preferences, but unfortunately they could not get them, so pre-open house platform notifies when a new open house of their preferences in introduced on pre-open house platform.

Agile Development

Considering the nature of requirements and third party data sources requirements, the best-suited model for web application development and mobile application development was agile development. The agile methodology had pre-planned sprints targeting modules to be completed.

Google maps search
Free hand drawing map filter
Birds eye view zoom filter
Realtime event management
Open house directions and routes
Save search notifications
Research & analysis
Userflow wireframing prototyping
User testing

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