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Invisible HR

IoT solution as auto HRMS

Executive Summary

Invisible Hospital HR is a project with two purposes, first one was to make sure all services to patients were given on time, the second purpose was to automate efficiency improvisation of hospital staff automatically. The above two purposes were achieved without any human intervention or efforts, it is software and machine learning solution which helps to replace whole big team required to monitor team performance to derive quality measures of services given to patients.

Track patient centric services

All services like nursing, doctor’s visits, laboratorians, cleaners and food service given to patients to their rooms can be tracked automatically and accurately decide whether services reached consistently on time or not.

Improvise services efficiency

As all services are being tracked automatically, list of rooms or list of services categories or list of employees can be nailed down who needs improvisation to provide services efficiency.

Improvisation auto notification

This IoT solution does shoot SMS notification at the end of the day to individual employees whose efficiency was less than expected. After such few notifications, such employees are brought to notice to floor managers and upper management.

Invisible HR team

This IoT solution acts like a big team of human resource managers who are making sure that all services to patients are reaching on time and accurately, it is a non-human system which does not require any efforts to track or notify employees to improvise their efficiency.


Automatic non-human solution

There was a need for gathering data and making fruitful decisions required to serve patients better and increase workforce efficiency. But there was a need that system doing this must be automatic and does not encourage to hire employees to micromanage this process.

Quality of services

In order to achieve JCI compliance, there was a need to create standards to support JCI accreditation, patient-centered services, organization and delivery of services, contribute to patient satisfaction, promote a framework for risk reduction and create a culture of patient and worker safety.

Lack of information

Logging visits on paper and entering them manually in the systems was a challenge for busy staff at hospitals, so it leads to lack of information for hospital management to know how they are performing in terms of quality of services. For example answer to a simple question was not available - “out of total 1500 patient beds, how many got services as expected?”


Reliable IoT devices and beacons

With the idea of non-human intervention, there was a need for devices which can accumulate data sensibly and automatically, we designed room devices and offered broadcasting beacons to the staff members.

Real-time notifications

Our system continuously understands data and sends a notification to any staff members as required, sending notifications in real time helps

Automatic data collection

With the devices installed at rooms, we were gathering details automatically who visited the room and for how many minutes they visited room. No human efforts were required to collect these visit logs.

Intelligently suggesting solutions

With the use of machine learning algorithms in-room visits from the past, our system accurately suggests solutions and create accountability for employees on floors/rooms where services are not up to the standards. It sends out notifications with appropriate directions to the responsible employee and it’s a manager if required.

Dynamic rule settings

Improvisation is a continuous process of changes in policies of visit interval and frequency continuously keeps changing as we find better solutions which are derived from experiences which let us know to improve standards to contribute to patient satisfaction, promote a framework for risk reduction.

Agile development

This project had a lot of innovations where the scope was assigned to two teams one team was on research and innovation and another team was on development and infrastructure management for the project. Sprints were completed and delivered and newsprints were defined as requirements and feedback coming from clients after running a beta test on the client site.

Bluetooth Beacons
IoT Devices
Realtime Notifications
Automatic data collection
Artificial intelligence solution

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