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E-filling Solutions

Executive Summary

The client is from Legal Professional Industry. He has a vision to create paperless court filing system. This is a web based eFiling system for courts, clerks, and attorneys. CourtFiling helps to reduce paperwork for file cases in the court. And allow firm attorneys and staff to quickly file/access cases in the court with digital system and communicate with the court and all parties related to cases.

The Legal firm management attorneys and staff can also see updates on case management system and avoid duplication of filing.It also helps to reduce paper storage and stationary cost because all documents are available via digital system and able to access from anywhere and anytime.The main aim is to provide easy, smooth, paperless and low cost e-filing system to legal firms. CourtFiling will use to reduce costs and greatly improved service to all legal firms for filing process.

Paperless cloud system

The legal firm management users can submit filing via a completely electronic filing system, so no paperwork will be required for filing in the court. CourtFiling is completely cloud-based architecture system, so every user related to the case and firm management easily can access from anywhere and anytime.

Save time and money

Agents can publish properties on the portal, which can be browsed by home buyers. Also, home buyers can favorite and create a notification for specific preferences of properties. Agents can have a record of ratings of properties from past open house events.

Detect duplication filing and history.

Submit court filing system is a completely digital system, so easy to avoid duplication filing for case in the court on the basis of court history.

Enhance performance

Attorney can easily submit filing from anywhere within few steps, Clerks can review and route filing with just a few clicks using CourtFiling system and Court Judges can easily maintain visibility over every document related to the case.


More Paperwork

The Legal firm management had challenges of more paperwork to submit filling into case and need to track all filing related information on paper which is a very tedious process for firm users.

Filing Duplication

The major issues for all firm management that they are not aware of the already filed case or filing in court, so there will be a chance to filed duplicate filing in the court.

Slow Process

All filing related work was done by human beings and manually process for filing in the court, so it takes too much time to process filings.

Consumes Physical Document Storage

Require large physical storage capacity to store all filings documents and need to keep safe and dust free.


To just make a single filing, there is require more paperwork, human effort cost, time and transportation cost and document storage capacity for all case-related documents, so it consumes high cost to submit filing into case and process that filings.


E-Filing System

User can submit a new case and filing into the existing case directly to court using CourtFilling system. Legal firm attorneys and staff can view filing details and documents via the digital system and also can see filing fees with specific service type for case in court. Easily able to manage clerk locations, clerk staff, assignments, responsibilities and queues and clerk configurations and route

Search Filings

Any firm management user which has authority to search case, they case search in court by case number, party name. It will be easy to get all case-related information at one place from anywhere and anytime.

Case Folder Tool

Easy to store all case-related documents at a single place and also able to access anytime from the cloud storage system. So it will safe and secure data storage system.

Filing Event Reminder

Attorneys and Firm staff can easily set and maintain custom case reminders.

Filing Communication Tool

Able to send and receive case related communication and communication from the court and clerk to selected or all attorneys on the cases.

Firm Management Tool

Legal Firm manager can easily manage their firm users, credit cards and billing and able to generate reports, print receipts.

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